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Grinder Safety Alert

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2020-2-13Safety Alert SAFE USE OF ANGLE GRINDERS Issue Date 1 December 2017 HSW-PR07-TM02 Rev 1.0 Improving the Health, Safety and Wellbeing for Our Community ... angle grinder depends on the task being performed and the materials being used. The most common uses for angle grinders include grinding with abrasive discs and cutting with cut-off discs ...

QLD Safety alert issued over guards and discs on

2020-4-12As such, the safety alert made a number of recommended actions Use the angle grinder with the correct guard supplied by the manufacturer. Fit the right sized disc that has a hole matching the spindle flange. Use the tightening tool supplied by the grinder manufacturer to tighten the disc.

CONTRACTOR SAFETY ALERT - Defence Housing Australia

2020-3-27A worker died in Queensland earlier this year after the blade on a grinder he was using shattered and wounded him in the chest. In August 2015, a worker on a DHA site suffered an electric shock from using a 9 inch grinder. This type ... CONTRACTOR SAFETY ALERT Nine

Angle Grinder Safety - Paramount Safety Products

A Queensland worker died in early 2016 after being struck in the chest by a broken 9-inch angle grinder attachment prompting WorkCover Queensland to issue a safety alert on the use of guards and disc size with angle grinders.

Bench or Pedestal Grinder Safety - University of Michigan

2018-8-21Bench or Pedestal Grinder Safety Prior to using a bench or pedestal grinder, you must receive basic shop safety training and equipment specific training before using this tool. ... Be alert and cautious when a grinding operation requires locating fingers close to the wheel.


Safety and Information labels that appear on the equipment. Take a moment to study them and make a note of their location on your STUMP GRINDER as you set up and before you operate the unit. Replace damaged or missing safety and information labels immediately. Protecting Yourself and Those Around You 23545 13758 15345 25709 18887 26488 19320


2015-12-16SAFETY SIGNAL WORDS SAFETY SYMBOLS For consistency Dynabrade Inc. also uses the above symbols and word definitions in collateral material, which includes this Pneumatic Tool Safety Guidelines. For product safety information in Product Manuals, Instructions, and other Collateral Materials, Dynabrade Inc. adheres to ANSI Z535.6-2006. 2

Workplace health and safety alerts - worksafe.qld.gov.au

The purpose of this safety alert is to highlight the risk of winch type wind up sign failure and risk control measures to help avoid further incidents. This alert applies to winch type signs supplied by SpaceAge Signs and supersedes the alert released in 2014. The principles in this alert may apply to other brands of winch type signs.

2016 - Health and Safety Authority

Call 1890 289 389 900am to 300pm, Monday to Friday. Use our 01 6147000 number to avoid possible additional charges from your mobile operator.

Safety Alert Warns About Angle Grinder Safety -

2020-5-6Workplace Health and Safety Queensland released a safety alert to highlight the risks associated with removing guards on angle grinders or using the incorrect discs. The warning comes after a worker was fatally injured while operating an angle grinder. The man suffered injuries to his chest after being struck by a piece of a broken

Safety Alert - IADC

2020-2-2Safety Alert From the International Association of Drilling Contractors The Corrective Actions stated in this alert are one companys attempts to address the incident, and do not necessarily reflect the position of IADC or the IADC HSE Committee. This material is presented for information purposes only. Managers Supervisors should

Alert 01 - 06 Hand Grinder Incidents - IADC.org

Alert 01 06 Hand Grinder Incidents WHAT HAPPENED Two separate reportable accidents occurred recently involving the use of hand held grinders. These both occurred due to grinder kickbacks and both employees were struck in the face by the body of the grinder and sustained serious facial injuries.

Fixed hand-held grinders | WorkSafe

An angle grinder is a hand-held tool carried to the work, with the disc secured at an angle to the body of the grinder. An offhand grinder, which may be fixed to a bench or a pedestal, is usually fitted with one or two abrasive discs revolving at right angles to the spindle turned by a motor. Figure 2 shows a wire wheel on the left, and an ...

Guards and discs on angle grinders -

The purpose of this safety alert is to highlight the risks associated with removing guards and using incorrect discs on angle grinders. In February 2016, a worker was killed while operating a 9 inch 230 mm angle grinder when part of a broken disc struck his chest. It appears that the high impact of the projectile caused fatal internal injuries.

PPT Grinder Safety PowerPoint presentation | free to ...

Grinder Safety. Many Types of Grinders. Bench Grinder. Disk ... Common Safety Tips. Awkward places ladders, confined spaces etc. Sun protection. Being alert ... A free PowerPoint PPT presentation displayed as a Flash slide show on PowerShow.com - id 23f772-ZDc1Z

Grinding Hazards Causes Recommended Safety

I will state some grinding safety advice but the most common and most effective advice is staying alert at all time. Now, read the below-mentioned tips carefully. Test The Grinder First Before you start the real grinding work, test the grinder itself and the wheel as well.

Abrasive Wheel Grinder Safety Alert -

2020-5-13This Safety Alert features a 10 Step Abrasive Grinder Checklist Do side guards cover the spindle, nut and flange and 75 of the wheel diameter Is the work rest used and kept adjusted to within 18-inch 0.3175cm of the wheel Is the adjustable tongue guard on the top side of the grinder used and kept to within 14-inch 0.6350cm of the wheel

Portable grinders - hand safety IMCA

2020-5-18A member has reported on a review of abrasive wheels on board a chartered vessel as a part of abrasive wheel training delivery, in which there were a number of significant faults found with portable hand grinders. These required urgent and immediate attention. The three issues illustrated below cover the appropriate and proper safe use Continue reading Portable grinders hand safety

SAFETY ALERT November 2015

2019-12-23SAFETY ALERT Wednesday, November 11, 2015. ANGLE GRINDER BEST PRACTICE ... ANGLE GRINDER SAFETY Changing of abrasive wheels must be done only and a competent and trained person. Wear a face shield and gloves when working on or near an operating grinder. All guards should be in place and secure.

Angle grinder accidents Causes and Safety preventive

There have been several angle grinder accidents reported in our various work places. These angle grinder accidents ranges from minor to severe some resulting to fatality. The good news is that over 90 of these accidents are preventable if good safety precautions are adopted. This article will discuss the main causes of these accidents, and ...

Portable Grinder Safety - slosipe.org

2010-11-3Subject Portable Grinder Injury Portable Grinder Safety In a recent incident at a San Luis Obispo County Public School involving a hand held portable disc sander, an employee was injured when the cut -off wheel unexpectedly disintegrated, sending pieces flying across the workshop. The employee received minor injuries to his leg


2016-2-15ANGLE GRINDER 1010W TTB602GRD GENERAL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS WARNING Read all safety warnings designated by the symbol and all instructions. WARNING Read all safety warnings and all instructions. Failure to follow the warnings and instructions may result in electric shock, fire andor serious injury.

Angle grinders | Department of Mines, Industry

2020-5-21Angle grinders are one of the most dangerous tools in any workplace. They are used for cutting, grinding and polishing work. Most angle grinder injuries are from metal particles lodging in the operators eye. However, the most serious injuries are from kick-back, where the disc is thrust back violently towards the operator.