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Screening Design Reducing Variance Germany

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Variance in the Efficacy of Brief Interventions to

Study objective. We adopt a comparative framework to measure the extent to which variance in the efficacy of alcohol brief interventions to reduce hazardous and harmful drinking at less than or equal to 5-, 6-, and 12-month follow-up in emergency department settings can be determined by differences between study populations targeted injury and noninjury specific.

Phenolics extraction from sweet potato peels Key factors ...

2012-11-1Phenolics extraction from sweet potato peels Key factors screening through a Placket Burman designfrom ... residual analysis done.Backward stepwisemeth- ods were also used comparisonpurposes. Design Expert 6.0.11 Stat-Ease Corporation, Minneapolis ...

F56 Reducing Sugar Production in Subcritical Water and ...

production of reducing sugars. The analysis of reducing sugar was conducted by the dinitrosalicylic acid DNS method. Variables used in this study were time, temperature, pressure, water volume, pH, and several types of additives. Plackett-Burman was used for screening significant factors for the production of reducing sugars.

Frontiers | Assessing and Explaining Geographic

Investigating geographic variations in mammography screening participation and breast cancer incidence help improve prevention strategies to reduce the burden of breast cancer. This study examined the suitability of health insurance claims data for assessing and explaining geographic variations in mammography screening participation and breast cancer incidence at the district level.

Multiplex screening of 275 plasma protein biomarkers

Bloodbased protein biomarkers may be an attractive option for early detection of colorectal cancer CRC. Here, we used a twostage design to measure 275 protein markers by proximity extension assay PEA, first in plasma samples of a discovery set consisting of 98 newly diagnosed CRC cases and 100 age and gendermatched controls free of neoplasm at screening colonoscopy.

Impact of community based screening for ... - The BMJ

Objective To estimate the causal impact of community based blood pressure screening on subsequent blood pressure levels among older adults in China. Design Regression discontinuity analysis using data from a national cohort study. Setting 2011-12 and 2014 waves of the Chinese Longitudinal Healthy Longevity Survey, a national cohort of older adults in China.

CRAN Task View Design of Experiments DoE

2020-5-21Stocki, R. 2005. A Method to Improve Design Reliability Using Optimal Latin Hypercube Sampling. Computer Assisted Mechanics and Engineering Sciences 12 87-105. Underwood, A.J. 1997. Experiments in Ecology Their Logical Design and Interpretation Using Analysis of Variance. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. Vikneswaran 2005.

Long-term genetic selection reduced prevalence of

Canine hip dysplasia CHD and elbow dysplasia ED impact the health and welfare of all dogs. The first formally organized assessment scheme to improve canine health centered on reducing the prevalence of these orthopedic disorders. Phenotypic screening of joint conformation remains the currently available strategy for breeders to make selection decisions.

Germany CROs - Contract Research Map

Aurigon GmbH 9A Planegger Strae Mnchen, BY, 81241 Germany Aurigon is a preclinical CRO with offices in Munich and GLP-certified laboratories in Hungary. Aurigon possesses a spacious site for small and large animal testing rodents, rabbits, dogs, minipig... including in vitro laboratories close to the city borders of Budapest.

Performance of colorectal cancer screening in the ... -

Objective To present comparative data about the performance of colorectal cancer CRC screening programmes in the European Union Member States EU MSs. Design Cross-sectional study. We analysed key performance indicatorsparticipation rate, positivity rate PR, detection rate DR and positive predictive value for adenomas and CRCbased on the aggregated quantitative data

Detecting and overcoming systematic bias in high ...

Vladimir Makarenkov is a Full Professor and Director of a graduate Bioinformatics program at the Department of Computer Science of Universit du Quebec Montral Canada.His research interests are in the fields of bioinformatics, software engineering and data mining. They include design and development of bioinformatics software and databases, reconstruction of phylogenetic trees and ...

Cervical Cancer Knowledge, Screening Practices and ...

Background The mortality rate associated with cervical cancer has been on a steady decrease in developed countries, due to the fact that it is a preventable disease if detected early. Apart from making tools and equipment available for necessary screening, proper awareness of cervical cancer is highly recommended among females of susceptible ages.

High throughput toxicity screening and intracellular ...

Accurate design and planning of HTS for assessing the toxicity of NMsNPs are essential interlaboratory comparisons before adopting a method for routine screening help to reduce confidence variance and may identify possible sources of variability. 11 Adoption of automated and robotic liquid and sample handling is advisable since this will ...

Computationally inexpensive identification of ...

is d p i as a fraction of the parameter range, i.e., a value between 0 and 1. Campolongo et al. proposed that the mean of the absolute values of E E i from several trajectories, denoted i , is a practical and concise measure of sensitivityThey particularly showed that it is a good proxy of the Sobol totalorder sensitivity index S T i explained below equations 4 and D1.

Organized screening programmes for breast and

The aim was to analyse participation trajectories in organised breast and cervical cancer screening programmes and the association between socioeconomic variables and participation. A pooled, cross-sectional, time series analysis was used to evaluate secondary data from 17 European countries in 20042014. The results show that the mammographic screening trend decreases after an initial ...

Pseudoreceptor models in drug design bridging

Pseudoreceptor models can provide a valuable tool for drug design in cases where a high-resolution structure of the target is not available. This article reviews pseudoreceptor modelling ...

Assessments for Trauma and Mental Health in

The Impact of Events Scale IES has been used in a handful of refugee studies. The 15-item measure has 7 intrusion and 8 avoidance items on 3-point descriptive scales measuring intrusive thoughts and body sensations and avoidance behaviors after trauma. It has been proven valid and reliable, and its development is well described. The 2 scales ...

Approaches to CRC screening - Gut

Approaches to CRC screening. Screening recommendations in the USA have changed at an increasingly rapid pace. In 1980, the American Cancer Society recommended CRC screening with digital rectal examination, FOBT and sigmoidoscopy.33 In 1996, the US Preventive Services Task Force recommended CRC screening, including either FOBT annually, periodic sigmoidoscopy or the

Infection control and prevention measures to reduce

Introduction. Vancomycin-resistant enterococci VRE were first identified as hospital-associated pathogens in Europe during the mid-1980s and have rapidly disseminated worldwide. 1 In the USA, Enterococcus spp. and the vancomycin-resistant phenotype were responsible for 13 and 3, respectively, of all healthcare-associated infections reported to the National Healthcare Safety

Contact isolation versus standard precautions to

We did a cluster-randomised crossover trial in adult wards in four European university hospitals. Medical, surgical, or combined medicalsurgical wards without critical care were randomised to continue standard precautions alone or implement contact isolation alongside standard precautions for 12 months, followed by a 1 month washout period and 12 months of the alternate strategy.

Strategies for Reducing Morbidity and Mortality from ...

Strategies for Reducing Morbidity and Mortality from Diabetes Through Health-Care System Interventions and Diabetes Self-Management Education in Community Settings A Report on Recommendations of the Task Force on Community Preventive Services Task Force on Community Preventive Services July 1, 2001. CHAIR Caswell A. Evans, Jr., D.D.S, M.P.H.

Impact of socioeconomic deprivation on screening for ...

2020-5-23Objectives Investigate the association between socioeconomic deprivation and completeness of cardiovascular disease CVD risk factor recording in primary care, uptake of screening in people with incomplete risk factor recording and with actual CVD risk within the screened subgroup. Design Cross-sectional study. Setting Nine UK general practices. Participants 7987 people aged

A method for the production and expedient screening

A group led by Dr. Yi Li of University of Connecticut, USA has developed a technique to reliably create desirable mutations in crop plants without introducing any foreign DNA, thus generating non ...

Effectiveness of screening for colorectal cancer with a ...

Background Screening for colorectal cancer CRC with guaiac-based faecal occult-blood test FOBT has been reported to reduce CRC mortality in randomised trials in the 1990s, but not in routine screening, so far. In Finland, a large randomised study on biennial FOB screening for CRC was gradually nested as part of the routine health services from 2004.